What concerns does COVID-19 cause for your customers?

COVID-19 is currently the “hot” topic. The current situation raises many concerns for the population, and therefore for your customers. Here are a few subjects that might be interesting to discuss with them, which the AMF addresses in its newsletter:

  • The impact on travel insurance
  • The impact on investment returns
  • Financial fraud

Keep in mind that your role as an advisor is to be there for your customers and answer their questions and concerns. Why not turn this situation into an opportunity to consolidate your relationships?

(in French) http://app.dialoginsight.com/T/OFSYS/SM2/53/2/S/F/7298/214269/WOYeqXao/742621.htmlhttp://app.dialoginsight.com/T/OFSYS/SM2/53/2/S/F/7298/214269/WOYeqXao/742621.html