CRM2 – White Paper prepared by Equisoft

In January 2015, Equisoft published its White Paper CRM2. Below is a resume of important points to consider:

  • 40% of investors are unaware of the fees, commissions, MER’s and trailer fees that are subtracted from their portfolios. 1/3 of them may be aware of the trailer fees and trailing commissions;
  • Added performance scrutiny may lead to lower than expected returns in the coming years;
  • The role of the advisor will change. Some see advisors morphing in relationship managers who focus on financial planning and leaving portfolio management to others;
  • Fee-based will be the normed in 2016;
  • It will be critical for advisors to better market themselves;
  • Financial planning will increase in importance. Advisors with a financial planning component will have an advantage over others.

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